Monday, August 8, 2016

HW Tank Repair

We have wrestled with a hot water tank leak since the drive on the Trans-Labrador Highway in the Fall of 2015. It initially became apparent as a pump that cycled when it shouldn't have needed to. In hindsight, I suspect now that a minor leak in a plumbing fitting at the tank was the reason for the pump coming on. A small amount of water collecting in the HW tank cabinet became a larger amount and then a significant leak. Attempts at sealing the leak with epoxy, in a confined, tight, restricted area were unsucsessful. 

Eventually, we called in the professionals at Philmar RV Repair in Whitehorse. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Few Minor Improvements

In addition to the installation of new PIAA Auxiliary Lights and AGM Batteries, we also completed the following improvements to the TC for this season ...
Camper Rooftop Dishes
... by WINEGARD and JACK
We don't watch TV while we travel and the 2 dishes that were on the roof were taking up valuable space. We may install additional solar panels in their place eventually. They also got in the way, when drawing a canoe or kayaks up to the roof for transport. I've located and marked the wiring rough-ins and retained the hardware. Any future owners will be able to reinstall the equipment if they choose to. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

PIAA Auxiliary Lights & EXIDE AGM Batteries

TOOK the truck camper back to Cannifton Garage in Belleville for some minor service and a couple of new items. Great shop to deal with. Because we're moving, I've sold or packed away all my tools, so at the moment, I need to hire out almost everything that needs to get done ...

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Upgrades #3

WE completed several more upgrades to some components and systems in our TC recently. These are areas that we had identified for improvement after our 2014/2015 trip to the SE USA and wished to see finished prior to our next road trip.

Here's what our dinette cushions looked like after about 200 days usage.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Installation of the HELLWIG Big Wig (Rear) Anti-Sway Bar

Truck and camper combinations and eventual suspension configurations are often unique. 

Each requires a different package. For ours, BF Goodrich, E-rated, 10+2 ply, A/T 275/70R/18 tires establish the suspension base; ours are rated for 3594# each. We have installed Lance cab-over struts to address 'porpoising', Model SS13 Supersprings to establish a loaded level ride and Bilstein Series 5100 RV grade shocks to control suspension flex and rebound. 

Presently, all of these suspension upgrades have made a significant improvement to the safe drive-ability of our truck & camper combination. However, there is still a minor amount of body sway apparent under certain driving conditions. The Hellwig Big Wig anti-sway bar (rear) has been designed specifically to address the body roll that can occur with trucks that haul top heavy slide-in campers.

The Install:
Technician Riley Paddock, at Cannifton Garage in Cannifton removes the Fords rear anti-sway bar. 
The stock bar was installed below and behind the rear differential.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Transforming A Crew Seat Into A Gear Closet

Truck Campers are notoriously inadequate at providing storage ...

... and, any of us who owns one, knows that! Because of the locations we sometimes travel to, it's important we keep our vehicle as short as possible ... a utility gear trailer is not an option for us. We pursue and enjoy several outdoor activities and each of those needs to be supported with gear. Therefore, we look to the haul vehicle for our storage solutions and specificially to its' rear seat. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Down In The Boondocks


As North American travellers, we are fortunate to be able to choose camping in government or privately operated campgrounds. These camping places provide all the civilized amenities that most RV'ers would ever want, just by plugging in. However, ... we've always been somewhat adverse to 'car camping'. We've been spoiled! We come from a background of backcountry wilderness camping where privacy, peace, quiet and solitude are the standard ... not the high density, noisy, parking lot styled sites that RV campgrounds often offer. 

Helen: Backcountry Camping, Push Me - Pull You Creek, YT, CANADA

Friday, September 19, 2014

Rock 'n Roll is Dead

... w e l l ... almost!

The original, factory Ranchero shocks on the Ford were past their serviceable life. They were done, no dampening capability whatsoever. I now know what it feels like to drive a 6 ton truck that doesn't have shock absorbers. 

Fosters Garage in Gananoque installed heavy duty Bilstein Series 5100 shocks all around. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

LOAF Gets A Tat

Well actually three ... but they're all the same, a large one on the rear-end and one smaller tat on each cheek.